12/00958/OUT | OUTLINE: Planning application for the development of up to 3,850 no. dwellings including access, demolition of buildings, a local neighbourhood centre (comprising retail, office and community uses), small scale employment, two primary schools, a waste facility, day care provision, associated amenity space, pavilion, green infrastructure, Sustainable Drainage Systems, together with landscape structure planting and the provision of Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) (Matters for Approval Access Only) to include FULL approval of details for Maida Zone - Phase 1 comprising 228 dwellings, demolition of buildings, internal roads, garages, driveways, pathways, boundary treatment, pedestrian/cycleways, substation, associated parking spaces, Sustainable Drainage Systems, associated amenity space, hard and soft landscape works and full details of engineering operations associated with infrastructure requirements and service provision for this phase on land at the Ministry of Defence's former Aldershot Garrison known as: Wellesley, Aldershot Urban Extension, centred on Queen's Avenue and Alisons Road, Aldershot, Hampshire. | Aldershot Urban Extension Development Site Centred At Queens Avenue And Alisons Road Aldershot Hampshire


Mr Jonathan Steele

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Cr. Alex Crawford JP

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Cr. Jennifer Evans

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